MARIE; your hand –crochet Cerise Crochet Hat is just as wow as it appears on your site. It is breathable, soft and very comfortable for my little Joe. Loved your product and will definitely be buying something again… 

Jenna Gilbert

Marie’s hand-knitting skills are beyond words and both her Cerise Crochet Hat and Cerise Caplet are money-well spent.

Klaus Michaelson

Really appreciated the impressive variety of handmade products. They are comfortable and priced very reasonably. And of course, the beautiful baby blanket is just what I wanted for my little angels.

Hayley Marshal

Loved the design of your Red Crochet Hat as well as the vivid colour choices. I bought 2 different shaded crochet hats and they seem to be working extremely fine.

Elijah Smith

Great collection of handmade accessories and home décor items to go for! Looking forward to shop again soon!

Hanna McKay

The crochet neck piece is very comfortable to use. And I really adore its bright shades. Loved the overall experience! Can’t wait to shop again!

Hope Adams

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