About Marie’s Creative Crochet

My name is Marie Donnelly I was born and raised in Ardara on the beautiful North West coast of Donegal where hand weaving and knitwear has long been a family tradition.  My late father weaved beautiful tweed on the traditional loom for Magees of Donegal town and dedicated time and energy in producing rolls of tweed that reflected the beauty of the landscapes of Donegal.

It was from watching my father weave this beautiful fabric out of wool that I began to take an interest in crafts.  My grandmother was a great knitter and taught me the basic skills of knitting. It was at primary school where I first learned the basic skills of crochet. Cottage crafts have been part of our heritage and tradition and passed down through many generations.

Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland is surrounded by sea and the Wild Atlantic Way is a spectacular coastline of the country. It is 2500 km long and is a major tourist destination with exotic beaches and white sands. Donegal is a major tourist spot in the Wild Atlantic Way and it is a top tourist destination in the country. The vast beaches and the sea cliffs with the mesmerizing beauty of nature make it a major attraction for tourists visiting Ireland from all across the globe. The amazing sunset creates a stunning view as the skies meet the oceans to create a spectacular view.

The tourist visiting the Wild Atlantic Way and more importantly, Donegal has a great time visiting our online store and are impressed by the clothing line’s collection. The scarves and the winter hats from Marie’s Creative Crochet are in huge demand among the tourists. They are delighted to see the exotic range of accessories available at our stores. As most of these tourists come from different parts of the world, they are also fascinated by the wide array of home décor items.

The climate at Wide Atlantic Way and especially Donegal prompts these tourists to visit our online store to do the shopping and buy necessary attire. But our online store is also an important souvenir destination that offers a wide range of apparels that attracts the tourists as they buy the clothes for their loved ones back home. We are the best online store in Donegal with hand-crafted and authentic apparel that is eye candy for the tourists visiting Wild Atlantic Way.

A number of years ago, I continued to hone my skills in the area of crochet and completed a number of crochet courses.

This afforded me the opportunity to create classic designs and further develop my crochet techniques.

My inspiration and passion comes from my late father and grandmother who had a natural flare for craft making, heritage and tradition and blending the old with the new.

In the last few years I have been drawn to teach the skills and share my knowledge and experience of the crochet to others which I am so passionate about

“Changing lives, changing stitches, creating possibilites”

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is to help people clear their mind and discover their creative self

We do this through our crochet training programmes  to support people to start something small and achieve something wonderful leaving a sense of achievement, importance and purpose.

We also make beautiful lifestyle accessories from crochet hats,snoods(neck pieces) to baby gifts and home decor pieces to add to your personal and home collection or as gifting.

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